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Game on Monday, September 5th, 2016

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1 Game on Monday, September 5th, 2016 on Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:39 pm


The adventures of the Artemis resume on Monday at 7pm. We are planning on alternating between Artemis and Little Fears each week, so I will be running Artemis every other week from now on.

Recap from last game:

Archer Merrick, Gene Ericsson, and Cally Henderson entered a large dome-like underground chamber with a large green obelisk at its center and encounterd the Merrickites who were arranging antimatter pods around the obelisk. The Merrickite leader stated that this chamber is a place of protection and the obelisk will protect them from Apophis while the rest of the civilization will be destroyed. The Merrickites began to chant, and the obelisk began to draw power from the antimatter pods.

Merrick tried to negotiate with the Merrickite leader, learning about the civilization's history from the Merrickites' perspective. The Artemis crew analyzed the obelisk's reaction to the chanting and discovered that certain commands on the obelisk are are activated by certain audible frequencies.They were able to activate a sliding platform at the base of the obelisk, revealing an inner control chamber. Gene was able to access the obelisk's data banks and upload information to the Artemis. Lt. Bloom was able to decipher enough information to gain a basic understanding of the obelisk's functions to preserve and protect the civilization on this planet and that the chroniton field trapping the Artemis is being generated by a malfunction in the obelisk's controls.

Gene attempted to shut down the obelisk, but one of the Merrickites reactivated it it. Cally attempted to prevent it from drawing power from the antimatter pods by pushing them out of the way, but she severely injured her hands when they came in contact with the power transfer beam from the obelisk.

Commander sh'Avola, Lt. Bloom, and Dr. Lapetamaine beamed down to the obelisk. Dr. Lapetamaine treated Cally's injured hands. Lt. Bloom worked with Ericsson to correct the malfunction with the obelisk and reverse the chroniton field. Immediately, the field dissipated and a beam shot straight up from the obelisk. The crew on the Artemis was able to see that the beam from the obelisk struck the incoming comet and diverted it away from the planet and out of the solar system. Sh'Avola and Merrick encouraged the Merrickites to put their past grudges against the people in the city behind them.

After returning to the ship, sh'Avola and Merrick beamed back down the the city and addressed a crowd in front of the Pharaoh's palace. They encouraged the people to set their past grievances against the Merrickites aside and learn to work with them in the future. After beaming back up to the Artemis, sh'Avola ordered the ship to leave the system and plot a course for the closest Federation facility to effect repairs.

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