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A Guided Tour of Starfleet Academy

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1 A Guided Tour of Starfleet Academy on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:43 am

I got the chance to attend Starfleet Academy in NYC. The Intrepid museum hosted the Starfleet Academy Experience, an interactive exhibit in celebration of Star Trek's anniversary. Come inside with me!

The whole exhibit used a RFID wristband to track each visitor's progress through the interactives. I got in the first time release of tickets, and was able to have my first choice of just about everything.

The first display was a large model of the Enterprise, which they projected scenes of stars and starship life on. And yes, the themes were constantly playing.

Our nameless Vulcan Starfleet instructor, who introduced the entire setting. Essentially, it's Career Day at Starfleet Academy. We'd be visiting six areas of focus, taking both aptitude and attitude tests at each to figure out where we would fit best in Starfleet.

After the introduction was a timeline of significant events in the Star Trek universe

A special call-out to the Romulans showing up again!

The first two areas were focused on Comms and Medicine

Each introductory panel had a small video screen with Great Moments In.... , scenes selected from across the series and movies. Of course, the Tamarians get double duty on Communication.

Lots of fun uniforms from the series too.

In each section was a discussion of the state-of-the-Starfleet-art in technology, and a panel about the past tech that lead to such discoveries. Gotta get that current science in somehow!

Some of the attitude questions come straight from the Buzzfeed school of entertainment

A hall of fame of alien cultures that a Starfleet Comms officer may need to interface with

A primer on Vulcan and Klingon anatomy. This could come in useful later...

Most sections also had a selection of applicable props

Our Klingon Instructor. We had to repeat back nuqneH (what do you want/Hello), Hab SoSil' Quch (Your mother has a smooth forehead), and of course Hegul'meH QaQ jajvam (Today is a good day to die).

I picture this one going 40/40/20/0. But I'm open to arguments!

The Medical practical lab required using a tricorder to identify three problem areas on the Klingon patient, and then determine a diagnosis (broken leg? Phaser fire? Heart valve rupture?)

Great Moments in Medicine

Great Moments in Science

Because everyone goes to Risa!

Some questions were...easier than others.

Great Moments in Engineering

The Science practical lab required identifying a planet suitable for an emergency landing. Hint: pick the one with life on it. Second hint: CLASS M

A reverse view of the Medical and Communications area

Turn around for Engineering. Time to play Beamsley!

No skill required, just stand there and get a video of yourself getting transported holographically.

Holographic models of the fleet, which you turned and changed between with your hand in a VRish space. It worked okay.

Great Moments in Tactics

Great Moments in Navigation

Worf is tall, yo.

We had to drag the waypoints on the Surface to avoid the gravity wells, enemy patrols, and other hazards of spacefaring.

Phaser training! There was a little lag between movement and it showing up on the screen. Enough to make it extra frustrating.

Finally, Great Moments in Command

Captains on the bridge!

Very funny, hackers.

Spock already got a separate call-out back in Science

And finally, The Bridge

What else?

It played out as a turn-based simulation: most of the time you had the choice between Firing, Defending, Protecting, or Dodging. Transport as many survivors as you could before your ship or the Maru was destroyed.

Asking the hard questions

Captain's chair looks good on me.

Oh look down there! You've got a little shop. I love a little shop.

Looked like these were in child sizes only, for some reason.

The whole thing was set up in a temporary structure, with some fun logos around the outside.

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2 So jealous on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:53 pm

Thank you for posting this! Makes me wish I could get up to NYC for yet -another- reason...

Though I do have to question your lack of love for Bashir. Youngest doctor ever to be nominated for the Carrington award, cured the freaking Founder's Plague, really hot... sigh. Not as shiny as the hologram doc, I suppose.

Also, I'm glad you liked my chair... Laughing

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3 Re: A Guided Tour of Starfleet Academy on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:38 pm


sh'Avola wrote:Though I do have to question your lack of love for Bashir. Youngest doctor ever to be nominated for the Carrington award, cured the freaking Founder's Plague, really hot... sigh. Not as shiny as the hologram doc, I suppose.
He must have gotten his numbers backwards. It's the only explanation for rating a doctor who developed the vaccine for the blight (which was mentioned in the "great moments in medicine" board), performed an emergency inter-species fetus transplant aboard a damaged runabout, and brought Sarina's visual and auditory systems in sync with her higher brain functions so that she can communicate with others and become a productive member of society over a doctor that nearly let a crewman bleed out from a holographic bullet while trapped in a malfunctioning holodeck (seriously, she looked absolutely clueless without her medkit), took a definitive step backwards in her career path by returning to starship duty after being the head of Starfleet Medical for only a year, and accidentally caused the entire crew of the Enterprise to de-evolve while treating Lt. Barclay for the Urodelan flu.

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4 Re: A Guided Tour of Starfleet Academy on Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:53 pm

Say what you want, but that woman could dance.

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