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Engineering, after leaving Egyptian planet

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1 Engineering, after leaving Egyptian planet on Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:50 pm

Ensign Pike breathes a sigh of relief as the Artemis leaves the atmosphere of planet GH362-4, nicknamed Planet Egypt by his fellow junior officers. Releasing his firm grip on the impulse manifold he had braced himself against, and silently thanking the engineering gods that it didn't explode in his face, he wearily rubs his eyes and looks up at the still dark and silent warp core. He's been working with Lt. Solik around the clock for nearly two days now along with Cally and Lisa to fix the craziest myriad of systems failures he has ever seen, and now Cally is off-duty since her hands got fried by that strange obelisk leaving the exhausted and overworked engineering team down one engineer, and they still need to restore warp power and completely rebuild the phaser emitters and torpedo launcher.

Right now, all Pike wants to do is sleep. He looks towards the chief engineer who annoyingly has shown absolutely no signs of fatigue the entire time and hasn't even left the engineering deck except to use the head once. Damn that Vulcan stamina, he thinks enviously.

"Sir?" Pike says to Solik, "Are we ready to start work on restoring warp power now, or should we give the weapons systems priority?"

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