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Using NPCs in Roleplay

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1 Using NPCs in Roleplay on Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:12 pm


Feel free to use NPCs when creating your interactions and conversations here. You can choose what they do and say in your posts. However, please keep their speech and behavior relatively consistent with their characters and previous interactions. Here are some general writing guidelines for each NPC aboard the ship. These guidelines may be modified periodically as the characters develop over time.

Matthew "Beamly" Pike

  • son of famous Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, but has never had a good relationship with his father and doesn't like being compared to him
  • technical whiz, but doesn't brag about it
  • briefly served on a freighter before joining Starfleet, but the experience was awful
  • naturally quiet and shy; has some self-esteem issues
  • in a physical relationship with Sabra, but not quite sure if it will ever be anything deeper than that. He's just going with the flow and letting her lead

Gene Ericsson

  • brilliant, but a little arrogant
  • takes medicine for space sickness
  • is very protective of his sister Jen

Jen Ericsson

  • compassionate almost to a fault
  • takes medicine for space sickness
  • is very protective of her brother Gene

Cally Henderson

Lisa Park

  • bookish
  • introverted
  • in a turbulent on-again-off-again relationship with Lola Beck
  • really doesn't like Roc Ingersol
  • inspired by this character

Lola Beck

  • witty
  • extroverted
  • in a turbulent on-again-off-again relationship with Lisa Park
  • will flirt with Roc to get under Lisa's skin, but he's definitely not her type
  • inspired by this character

Roc Ingersol

  • tries to be macho
  • takes his security duties very seriously
  • will flirt with just about anything in a skirt
  • thinks he can hold his liquor, but really can't
  • inspired by this character

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