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Game on Monday, August 1st, 2016

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1 Game on Monday, August 1st, 2016 on Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:45 am


Since we have discussion group on the 25th, our next game will be on August 1st.

Recap from last game:
Lt. Commander Merrick, Nurse Ericsson, and security officer Roc Ingersol attended a great feast at the Pharaoh's palace where they learned more about how the Artemis and crew fit into the local history and mythology. Also, they were able to gather more detailed information about the obelisk and obsidian starmap at the front of the Palace before returning to the ship.

Meanwhile, Commander sh'Avola, Lieutenant Bloom, Lieutenant Sh'eras, and Dr. Lapetamaine have been captured by the Merrickites. Sabra and Solik worked together to devise a creative solution to rescue sh'Avola's team and beamed them back aboard the Artemis.

Once everyone was back aboard, Dr. Lapetamaine treated Sh'eras' and sh'Avola's wounds from their earlier battle with the Merrickites and gave Roc an anti-intoxicant to clear his head (and his stomach) of the large quantities of very potent Egyptian beer he drank at the feast. Lieutenant Bloom was able to analyze the information gathered by Merrick's team to determine the reference point on the planet for the starmap, which coincides with the apparent source of the chroniton field that is preventing the ship from leaving the atmosphere. Also, Sabra and Solik's method of rescue allowed them to take scans of the Merrickite's hidden caves, revealing several antimatter pods.

Merrick assembled a team of himself, science officer Gene Ericsson, and engineer Cally Henderson to return to the Merrickite cave and retrieve the antimatter, but when he arrived the antimatter and the Merrickites were gone. Tricorder scans showed that the antimatter was moved through an underground passageway which ultimately led to the location given by the starmap and the source of the chroniton particles. Merrick and his team followed the path until they reached an obsidian door with no apparent way to open it.

Merrick, Gene, and Cally are standing in front of an obsidian door blocking the passageway forward. There are no apparent controls to open the door, and a tricorder scan triggered a defense mechanism that shot the tricorder from a small porthole in the ceiling which Merrick subsequently destroyed. They can communicate with Artemis, but cannot beam back up. However, the Artemis is able to beam people down to Merrick's location.

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